Finn questions Chase's feelings for Brook Lynn GH
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Several important decisions have to be made.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of February 28 – March 4, not all couples may survive unscathed. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the end of last week, Drew and Carly arrived at Sonny’s penthouse to give him the news that Jason’s killer, Peter, was dead. Of course, he already knew that from Dante, but what they didn’t expect was to find Nina there. A miffed Carly announces that she and Sonny need to get a few things straight, as Sonny tucks his tail between his legs.

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At Charlie’s, Nina tells Drew that she just wants to move on with her life. Drew, however, calls her out and adds, “With Sonny!” Meanwhile, at a table nearby, Aunt Stella takes a serious tone with Curtis and asks exactly what he’s planning. Last week he gave Drew the green light to put a plan into motion regarding his father Marshall. Stella has done her best to try and convince Curtis to stop looking into his father’s past, and it’s obvious she knows more than she’s letting on.

Now that Brook Lynn and Chase have given Bailey Louise back to Maxie, the question of where they go from here is on a lot of minds. Ned already asked Chase what he plans to do now that he and his daughter don’t have to pretend anymore, which caused the detective to recall the passionate kiss they shared. Now it’s his brother Finn’s turn to question him about his feelings for the Quartermaine.

And after Nina and Willow had a recent heart to heart about Wiley, as well as their shared unconventional upbringings, we have to wonder if Willow has challenged Michael when it comes to Nina’s relationship with her grandson. Why else are they staring silently at one another in this promo?

Fans, are you shipping Brook Lynn and Chase? Do you think Sonny and Carly have any chance of reuniting? And what do you think Curtis’ father is hiding? Let us know in the comments!

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