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He gets it — change is hard.

You’ve gotta give General Hospital credit for being unafraid to take chances. ABC’s one and only daytime drama stunned fans by splitting up not one but two popular pairs to make a new couple of Dante and Sam. And though his portrayer Dominic Zamprogna tells TV Insider that “I think we might be winning some of them over,” he understands that it’s been a bitter pill for “Lante” and “JaSam” ’shippers to swallow.

“Fans fell hard for Dante and Lulu,” the actor acknowledges. “I imagine it’s an even more intense experience for ‘JaSam’ fans. I know it’s a challenge. It’s new.

“In real life, people might say they don’t like someone who is dating a friend of theirs,” he adds, “but that’s because of how their friend is being treated.”

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dante sam GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Dominic Zamprogna as Dante Falconeri and Kelly Monaco as Sam McCall.(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

So far, Dante and Sam seem to be good for one another. And Zamprogna and Kelly Monaco have struck up their own kind of chemistry on screen. “Kelly and I were talking about Sam and Dante. I love that it’s not what Dante and Lulu were,” he says. “You’ve got a contrarian dynamic between Sam and Dante. He’s a cop. She’s an ex-con/private eye. This is new territory for both of them.

“It’s making some interesting stuff to play,” he goes on. “I think more and more people are wanting to see where they could go.”

How about you? Are you Team “Dam”? “Sante”? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which counts down soaps’ all-time greatest supercouples. Perhaps one day we’ll have to add Dante and Sam to that list.