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Credit: Dee Cercone/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

The actor’s announcement is sure to send you, ahem, into orbit.

William deVry is back in action. On February 25, the General Hospital alum, who played (mostly) reformed mobster Julian Jerome from 2013-20, took to Twitter to tell his followers, “Well, lookie here.”

At what, exactly? An “official NCIS: Los Angeles press release,” one that revealed that the soap vet will soon be guest-starring as Navy Captain Lombardo. “I read the script once,” he said. “Then read it four more times.


Above: NCIS: LA is welcoming an MVP.

Credit: CBS

“Very good episode,” he added. In “Murmuration,” which will air on CBS at 9/8c on March 20, the NCIS team investigates an unidentified flying object that takes a detour into US airspace.

Samatha Chasse, who penned this installment, “researched the hell out of it,” noted deVry, “and wrote a great script! James Hanlon was a master director and great actors’ director.”

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General Hospital viewers won’t need to be reminded that during his stay in Port Charles, the alum of All My Children (as ill-fated Michael Cambias) and The Bold and the Beautiful (as ill-fated Storm Logan) struck supercouple gold opposite Nancy Lee Grahn’s Alexis. Nonetheless, his (yet again ill-fated) character was written into a corner by his involvement in the bombing that killed Dev and Dustin, and put Lulu in a coma. Julian was subsequently shot and took a tumble off a bridge (in the same incident that turned Sonny into “Mike”).

While you await deVry’s next TV appearance, remember the good old days of “Julexis” and more via the below photo gallery.