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Parting is such sweet sorrow for the on-screen baddie and his real-life colleagues.

As word spread that General Hospital villain Peter August was really, most sincerely dead — or so we think… for now — portrayer Wes Ramsey tried to sum up in words his experience as the spawn of Cesar Faison and Alex Devane. First and foremost, he wanted to express his gratitude to the audience.

“Thank you for taking the journey with me,” he Instagrammed. “To those who were kind and supportive, my heart has felt inspired by you. To my friends and family — and the fans everywhere — it has been an honor to give everything I had to this, and I will never forget how fun it was to entertain you.

“To the cast and crew,” he continued, “thank you for welcoming me into your world and for giving me a chance to play with you each day. To the writers, producers and directors, thank you for trusting me with all we did together. It was one helluva ride… ”


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In response, Ramsey was cheered on by everyone from real-life significant other Laura Wright (Carly) to Maura West (Ava) and Cameron Mathison (Drew). But one castmate in particular took the time to salute the exiting actor in a post of her own.

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“You are Renaissance man, a consummate professional,” wrote Finola Hughes, whose Anna thought for some time that she was Peter’s mother. “Thank you, Wes, for being a great scene partner. Thank you for bringing your ‘A’ game each and every day to General Hospital. It’s been a pleasure exploring all the strange grey areas of a story where the villains were sometimes the victims, and the heroes weren’t always in the right.

“You trod some difficult terrain and carried it with grace and dignity,” she added. “Your chilling poise as the character, and transparent wound, made working opposite you fulfilling and always surprising. To everything the road ahead brings you, to the moon.”


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What say you, General Hospital fans? Will you miss Ramsey and Peter? Would you like to see him return in a new role? Some of your peers have one in mind. On your way to the comments, contemplate the possibility that Henrik is not really dead, then review the antagonist’s long list of crimes in the photo gallery below.