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Credit: ABC screenshot

Sorry, but if that’s really the villain’s end, we feel majorly ripped off. 

Talk about ending not with a bang, but with a whimper. After terrorizing the people of Port Charles — not to mention General Hospital viewers — for what seemed like an eternity, Peter finally died with his aunt weeping by his side, hoping he might find peace.

As if.

But that can’t possibly be the end. Why? Because only a few short weeks ago, General Hospital‘s headwriters promised that fans who were awaiting Peter’s comeuppance would find that “their commitment to this story will be rewarded.” And what just happened was not what anyone in the audience would consider “rewarding.”

Rewarding would have been to allow Maxie to shoot the man who turned her life into a living hell. Rewarding would have been to turn Peter’s demise into a fun murder mystery — as we’ve suggested time and again — given that everyone in town had a reason to want him dead.

GH Peter in freezer liz finn screenshot

Above: It ain’t like this is the first time we thought someone iced Peter.

Credit: ABC screenshot

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You know what’s not rewarding? To have one of the smartest women on the show weep over the body of someone who did horrible things to both her and everyone she loves. Which has us convinced that — as has happened before — rumors of Peter’s death are greatly exaggerated.

They have to be. The audience simply can’t have invested this much time and energy into Peter’s story to have it come to such a wildly unsatisfying end. Which leaves us to believe that he’ll make one final return before being well and truly killed, preferably in some horrific manner.

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The perfect scenario, in our mind? Despite having been left in those woods to die, Peter’s body shows up in Port Charles, perhaps on the dangerous yet oh-so-popular docks. It quickly becomes apparent that he was murdered, and viciously at that. But by whom?

As the investigation unfolds, we find out that several locals met with Peter that night. Some by happenstance, others because the baddie summoned them. All had motives to do away with the scoundrel, but who actually did the deed? (And no, it can’t be some bit player whom Peter wronged in the past… it needs to be a major player in order for the story to be truly satisfying!)

What do you think, readers? Do you agree that Peter’s death was about as unsatisfying as watered-down bourbon? Share your thoughts, then peruse our list of potential suspects and let us know who you think would be the perfect person to commit a crime for which nobody would particularly want to see them  punished?