GH Carly sonny divorce
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“I really hope they can work it out!” 

Having broken up and reunited more times than a drama-filled Beatles cover band, General Hospital‘s Carly and Sonny have this whole divorce thing down pat. Despite this, some fans were shocked at just how quickly things went downhill after she walked in on Sonny and Nina’s tryst aboard the Haunted Star.

Yet on the episode which aired February 22, Carly made it clear she wanted to be out of their marriage as quickly as possible. After a few bitter tiffs about who’d get the house and where daughters Avery and Donna would live, the legal wrangling was over and the Corinthoses were ready to dissolve their latest marriage… just like that.

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Above: On the plus side, with Jason dead, Carly and Sonny don’t have to sort out who’ll get custody of him.

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Even as long-suffering fans of the pair lamented the end of CarSon, Maurice Benard gave them reason to believe they might yet reconcile. “I really hope they can work it out,” Sonny’s portrayer tweeted, along with emojis showing hands clasped in prayer. What followed was a discussion with fans which made it clear that the actor isn’t quite ready to stick a fork in the relationship and call it done.

In response to a fan who quipped that “nothing says I want my marriage to work like sleeping with someone else,” Benard pointed out that even under those circumstances, “many marriages still work out.”

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When another viewer suggested that the “real” Sonny had never returned from Nixon Falls, Benard agreed. “With everything he has been through,” he mused, “he shouldn’t be the same. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be real.”

Of course, even as many were mourning the end of Sonny’s marriage, others were cheering from the sidelines, hoping this would eventually result in him starting over with Nina. “We need a change,” tweeted RR. “It’s time for [Sonny and Nina] fans to get what they want now!”

Even those unhappy with Sonny’s decisions of late admit that… well, they just can’t quit him. “In time, I will always (eventually) forgive Sonny,” shared TeekeeTweets.

But what say you, gentle readers? Do you think this is really the end for Carly and Sonny… or simply another temporary detour in their epic love story? Share your thoughts in the comments section, then take a moment to view the situation from Carly’s side as we peruse her long, often troubled history in Port Charles!