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This is one dish that will have to be served piping hot rather than cold.

As fashionable as the footwear on General Hospital may be, no one wants to be in Nina’s shoes these days, not with Carly gunning for “the other woman” for stealing her husband and hotel, and stoking suspicions that St. Willow might be cheating on Michael. And striking back at Nina will be easier for Carly than taking Sonny candy from his missus a baby.

“Why’s that?” you ask.

Because if Carly wants to deprive Nina of the one thing she really, really wants — aka a certain dimpled don — all she has to do is make a phone call.

“To whom?” you ask.

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The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

To Brenda, Sonny’s long-lost love. Even Carly probably knows that it wouldn’t take so much as a match being struck for the old flames to reignite. So she could simply ring up her former rival and disclose that the Corinthoses are no more. “Now you can do what you’ve always wanted to,” Carly could say, “and move right on in on Sonny.

“I’ll even reserve you the honeymoon suite at the Metro Court,” she might add (neglecting to mention that, er, she no longer co-owns it).

If it worked, if Brenda did come back to Port Charles, Sonny wouldn’t be able to resist. Not only have his feelings for her never gone (all the way) away, but she comes with at least a little bit less baggage than the woman for whom “Mike” fell.

Chances Are…

It could happen, too. Speaking as her character during a recent Instagram Q&A session, Vanessa Marcil said, “I am Sonny’s soulmate… She’ll always, always return out of love to get her man.”

There was just one catch, though. And what it is is included in the story in which the Emmy winner shares her thoughts on the Carly/Sonny/Nina triangle.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you like to see Carly weaponize Brenda and drop her like a grenade on Nina and Sonny’s relationship? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery, which reviews the show’s 2022 “turkeys” and the storylines for which we’re really grateful.