Maxie taunts and teases Peter GH
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Danger is everywhere, danger is near!

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of February 21 – 25, this could finally be the week it all ends for Peter. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

In Port Charles, Robert warns Laura there is enough danger out there for everyone. Laura recently was keyed in by Obrecht and Austin that Victor attempted to activate Drew. Knowing Victor as she does, she feels whatever he needs from Drew is the reason he’s back. Indeed, Victor has teased he’s after a long-buried Cassadine secret and it’s been his life’s work.

On the farm in Switzerland, Maxie gets frank with Peter and tells him to his face that she plans to escape the first chance she gets. We have to wonder if she’s just playing with him yet again, or if she’s grown tired of the games and is finally being truthful with him. At this point, what does she have to lose?

As the announcer teases, “Danger is near,” black boots are shown scurrying in the darkness, and Felicia speeds in a car towards the farm and her daughter. At the WSB headquarters, the agent who isn’t corrupt and feeding Victor intel tells Anna that she has something. Unfortunately, the corrupt agent is listening in the background. The question is, will Anna, Felicia, or Victor’s men get to Peter and Maxie first?

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Back in Port Charles, Nikolas visits his son at Spring Ridge and warns him that he doesn’t know Uncle Victor as he does. Spencer fully trusts and believes his uncle is the only one looking out for him. Victor is, but clearly has his own agenda for doing so more than just the love of a great-uncle.

Finally, at the gym, Drew tells Curtis to just say the word and they can put his plan into place. Wait, why is he not in Switzerland with Anna and Dante any longer? Dare we hope by the end of the week we will finally see the end of Peter?

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