GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Marcus Coloma as Nikolas Cassadine and Nicholas Chavez as Spencer Cassadine. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

Sometimes life and death can tragically go hand-in-hand.

Spencer Cassadine was born on February 20, 2006 during an emergency C-section. His mother, Courtney Matthews died the following day, on February 21, 2006. (Yes, we know the show paid tribute to her death in March, but time flows a bit differently in Port Charles than in the real world!) Back in 2006, Port Charles was in the midst of an encephalitis outbreak and a number of our favorite General Hospital characters had fallen ill.

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Tony Jones died, as did Sam’ brother, Danny. But few characters had as tragic a death as Courtney’s. She had been held captive by Helena once the wicked Cassadine learned Courtney carried Nikolas’ child. The mother-to-be escaped, only to return to Port Charles in the midst of the outbreak.

Courtney reunited with Nikolas (then played by Tyler Christopher) when they both contracted encephalitis and were admitted to the hospital. They got engaged, but their joy at finding one another again, was spoiled when she went into premature labor and had to have an emergency C-Section.

At the time, she thought Jax was the father of her child, but after giving birth he admitted it wasn’t true. Nikolas was the baby’s dad. Courtney, though, died before she could utter more than one last “I love you” to the man she’d never get to marry. Watch her heartbreaking goodbye below.

In time, of course, Nikolas did learn the truth and Spencer was raised as a Cassadine. Those family ties have always been perilous for the now-young man — and they may soon become even more dangerous.

With Spencer stuck in Spring Ridge, refusing to reconcile with Nikolas and woefully misguided in his trust of Uncle Victor, now would be the time when he could use a little extra guidance. The only other family member he trusts is Laura, and even can’t get through to Spence — but we’re willing to bet Courtney could.

We already know that Victor’s very interested in Spencer, and, as GH headwriter Dan O’Connor told, Laura’s gearing up for an “upcoming battle for the souls of her nearest and dearest, particularly her son, Nikolas, and grandson, Spencer.”

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The show doesn’t commemorate Courtney’s death every year, so doing so now seems to be setting us up for something big. And what better way to save Spencer’s soul than with a little divine intervention from his late mom? The last time we saw Courtney’s ghost, she was helping her dad, Mike, into the afterlife, but several years before, Spencer got to “meet” her for the first time when her spirit showed up to help him through his trauma after the fire at the Cassadine mansion.

That’s the kind of loving guidance he could use before he ends up falling too far down the “bad” Cassadine rabbit hole. And as we all know, that is one deep, dark hole. To see just how wicked this family can get, before you head out, how about taking a look at a gallery chronicling the dark history of the Cassadine clan.