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“Seems like it just happened yesterday.”

It’s hard to believe after more than three decades, but there was a time before Mac Scorpio (not to mention his and Felicia’s bar, The Floating Rib) were mainstays on General Hospital. There was also a time when we weren’t even sure how much we could trust the character! John J. York’s debut as Robert Scorpio’s little brother on February 18, 1991, left us with a whole slew of questions — not to mention the urge to grab a towel!

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It was definitely one of the most memorable character debuts we’ve ever seen, and that’s something that Finola Hughes (Anna) echoed when she shared General Hospi-tales’ commemorative tweet.

“Remember this so well,” the actress tweeted with a heart.

And how could she not? It was still Valentine’s Day in Port Charles back in 1991 (despite being a few days later in the real world) when one of the Quartermaines’ ships ran into problems docking. Its explosive crash sent Robert, Anna and a slew of protestors ducking for cover as the then-police chief tried restoring order.

Folks from the ship were swimming for their lives, being pulled into rescue boats and yanked up onto the docks. Robert was right at the edge of the action, helping to save who he could when one man swam up, clearly exhausted and rested at the edge of the docks. When Scorpio spotted him, he hauled the stranger out of the freezing bay, stood him up… and pushed him back into the waters with a scream.

“Robert, who was that?” Anna asked as she helped her ex up from the water’s edge.

“My brother,” Robert replied.

Mac Scorpio had arrived.

Though he eventually turned out to be one of the nicest of nice guys, his beginnings had us all wondering just how awful a human he was! The two brothers were estranged, as Robert accused Mac of being a killer. He was also sure the newcomer caused the explosion on the ship and, when someone was trying to kill the PCPD chief, Mac was accused of that too!

None of it was true, of course, and the deaths that had turned Robert against his brother happened when Mac crashed his plane, killing their parents and Robert’s fiancée, Lily. It was a tragic accident, not a willful murder. In time, the brothers reconciled, and Mac settled into life in Port Charles, even taking over as police commissioner from his brother. In time, he found true love with Felicia, and became a better father to Maxie than Frisco ever was.

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The Floating Rib owner’s gone through a lot over the years, but as York himself tweeted of Mac’s debut, “Wow, seems like it just happened yesterday… 31 years ago.”

Here’s to over three decades of fun in Port Charles and hopefully many more wild adventures to come! While you’re here and taking a walk through the past, why not check out our gallery covering the history of General Hospital? It’s got everything from Anna and Robert’s debut, to the tense reunion between Mac and his brother!