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Credit: ABC

Sonny who?

General Hospital may have made Peter August persona non grata in Port Charles, but portrayer Wes Ramsey remains, so to speak, a wanted man. In fact, when a fan turned up an old photo of the affable actor rocking a long tangle of hair as he refused to let a pesky shirt contain his rippling abs, a potentially brilliant idea was born — to hook him up on-screen with off-screen love Laura Wright.

“I’m all for Carly and this hunky Hercules getting together as a couple,” tweeted @Ohio_Gemini, adding that the show “def” needs to pair the real-life sweethearts. “Just imagine those scenes!”

In response, a particularly funny viewer wrote to request that fellow General Hospital aficionados “please ask me for permission next time you want to use my photo.

“Oh, never mind,” he quickly added. “I just realized that it’s not me.” Well-played, sir.

Ramsey’s tresses seemed to make as big an impression on the Twitterverse as his impossibly toned pecs. One look at the eye-catching pic, and @seabay04 exclaimed, “Fabio!” And upon getting a gander of a second retro shot of Ramsey, @ploveontheair declared that “if Peter comes back, this needs to be his ‘on-the-run’ hair!

“I may hate the character,” she went on, “but damn if I don’t love this hair.”

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A likelier scenario than a Carly/Peter pairing is probably a Carly/someone who looks like Peter pairing. After all, General Hospital does have a long history of dropping actors into more than one role — a la everyone from Sarah Brown (as Carly and then Claudia) to Roger Howarth (as Todd and then Franco and now Austin), from Robert LaSardo (as Manny and later Mateo) to Michael Easton (as McBain, Caleb, Silas and, finally, Finn).

Viewers even had ideas about who Ramsey could play next. “Have Peter get killed by his secret twin — who does it to save Maxie,” suggested @WeAreAllMad87, “then the twin can come to [Port Charles] and love on Carly.”

What do you think? Would you like to see Ramsey take on a new role that would pair him with Wright? On your way to the comments, celebrate the couple’s real-life romance with the below photo-filled relationship timeline.