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Elizabeth wants to know who is haunting her, but she may not like the answer.

Almost a year after Franco’s death on General Hospital, Elizabeth Webber had finally decided it was time to move on and see where things between her and Dr. Hamilton Finn could go romantically. She removed her wedding ring and placed it in her kitchen drawer as a sign it was time to inch toward the future. Unfortunately, that is when the past came back and haunt her.

Liz and the mystery ring
Above: Elizabeth could always try throwing the ring into a volcano to see if it returns.

No sooner had she taken the ring off than it magically appeared in her bag, which she placed in her locker at the hospital. Elizabeth and Finn were baffled, and she wondered if perhaps one of her sons discovered it and placed it there, assuming she didn’t mean to leave it behind. However, the boys claimed, “Not me!” when asked by their mother about the wedding ring. But that’s what children always say when accused of something by an adult.

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From there, things started to grow even more mysterious. Dante arrived at her home one morning with the news that Franco’s art studio had burned down. Inside, the fire department found evidence of arson, and the door to the studio was locked, forcing them to break in. Upon asking who had the keys, Elizabeth revealed only she and the landlord had copies. The nurse located her set but swore she had not been back since Franco was murdered. She couldn’t bear to face the place, but she also couldn’t force herself to put it up for sale.

Liz gets locked in
Above: Is someone at the hospital gaslighting Elizabeth?

Elizabeth was crushed by the realization that all of Franco’s paintings in the studio were lost. She finally visited his art therapy room at the hospital, knowing it would eventually need to be cleared, only to wind up being locked inside. However, within seconds, the door mysteriously opened and she fled.

Things continued to grow even more disturbing when she brought her wedding dress, still in its bag from the dry cleaners, to donate to Chet and Amy Driscoll’s clothing donation drive for veterans. When her good friend Terry opened the bag to check out the dress, she and Elizabeth found it torn to shreds. Elizabeth tried to rationalize it, claiming there was a small rip in it before she sent it to be cleaned, and maybe she just didn’t notice how badly damaged the dress was when it came back.

Liz and the mystery card
Above: Who is the mysterious B?

Then on the anniversary of Franco’s death, someone dropped off an envelope for Elizabeth at the nurses’ station. She opened it to find a gothic-style card inside with the message, “Thinking of you. We’re both thinking of him today.” It was simply signed B. But why the added emphasis on the word “both”? Finn felt the card was a bit dark, and Elizabeth assumed it had to be from Franco’s adopted mother Betsy Frank. After all, Franco got much of his macabre style from her, the nurse explained.

On Friday’s episode, Elizabeth reached out to Betsy via a phone call and asked her to come to Port Charles so they could talk. She was determined to find out who was sending her these reminders of Franco, fearing something much more sinister was going on. The fact that she decided the card had to be from Betsy likely means it’s not from Betsy. But then, who could it be from?

Could her sister, Dr. Sarah Webber, be tormenting Elizabeth? The two have a strained past, including both falling for Lucky Spencer. However, after Elizabeth’s rape by Tom Baker, they appeared to resolve things and grew closer. Sarah eventually moved away to California, but where does the initial B come into play if it’s Sarah? And why would Sarah suddenly hold animosity towards her sister? There is a B in Baker, but when Tom was released from prison and returned to town, his brother ended up stabbing him in the back, knowing he hadn’t changed one bit.

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Above: Could B stand for Barnes?

Elizabeth has another sister, Hayden Barnes, who is currently MIA. She fled town after Nikolas convinced her that her life was in danger from his uncle Valentin Cassadine. In her departure, Hayden was forced to leave her and Finn’s daughter Violet behind with her ex. Now that Elizabeth and Finn are growing closer, could Hayden be jealous and trying to drive her sister away from the man she still carries a torch for?

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Another possibility could be Franco’s twisted birth mother Heather Webber. However, as far as we know, she’s locked up tight in the Miscavige Institute for the Criminally Insane. After Franco was grown, Heather revealed that she was his biological mother and he was Scott Baldwin’s son from a long-ago affair. So while B could stand for Baldwin, Heather once told Elizabeth that out of all the women Franco had dated, she approved of her. Heck, Heather was once married to Elizabeth’s father Jeff and is the mother of her half brother Steven.

While Elizabeth normally goes by the nickname Liz, since childhood Terry has affectionately referred to her as Biz or Bizzie. Is that what B stands for? Beth is also a shortened form of Elizabeth, leading to the possibility that Nurse Webber is haunting herself. We’ve suggested as much before, and that Elizabeth could be suffering from DID. Perhaps that’s why the word “both” was underlined in the card simply signed B. Elizabeth has also noted recently that she’s been having trouble sleeping and has been overly and mysteriously tired at times. Could she possibly be terrorizing herself while sleepwalking?

Let us know in the comments who you think is tormenting Elizabeth with reminders of Franco. And before you go, check out the photo gallery of Liz Webber over the years, including her past loves.