Sonny unhappy Valentine's Day GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Port Charles celebrates love all week long.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of February 14 – 18, it’s Valentine’s Day, but not everyone is in a lovey-dovey mood. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Britt and her bestie Brad celebrate at The Savoy, and Brad notes all the broken hearts around are theirs for the taking. Britt screams, “We need shots!” It appears though that Britt has already been partaking in some adult beverages by her enthusiastic outburst.

However, some couples are romancing it up, including Laura and Kevin, Molly and TJ, and Portia and Curtis. Speaking of the latter, is Portia ever going to reveal that big secret about Trina’s father?

Carly of course is having the worst Valentine’s Day ever. Well, that’s probably poor Maxie, who is conspicuously missing from the promo along with Peter. Carly is forced to watch happy couples dining at the Metro Court but later is shown mixing things up.

Across town, Terry meets Chet at Charlie’s and assumes he’s her blind date. But is this a case of mistaken identity? Nearby, Sonny tears up a Valentine decoration, as Carly tells Felix, “I can’t say there won’t be trouble!” The camera pans to a concerned-looking Nina, who should be worried if Carly’s looking to start something!

Before you go, be sure to read our General Hospital spoilers to learn about the other awkward run-in Sonny has. And then take a look at the gallery below of Soaps’ sexiest single characters in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Video: General Hospital/Facebook