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“Who or what is responsible?”

These should be happy days for General Hospital‘s Elizabeth. After all, is there anything better than those giddy, early days of a new romance? Yet even as she and Finn are getting closer, the mysterious events unfolding around her are becoming increasingly terrifying.

“Just as Liz has discovered that there may be a life to explore with Finn, there have been these incidents that have come up in her life,” says co-headwriter Chris Van Etten. “Things that seem to be reminiscent of Franco.”

It started simply enough when her wedding ring seemed to be showing up in places where she hadn’t left it. But there were numerous ways that could be explained away, from forgetfulness to a willful child’s misbehavior. When Franco’s studio and artwork was destroyed in a fire, however, things became a lot more serious. Then, last week, Elizabeth discovered that the wedding dress she’d worn when marrying Franco had been shredded.

Yeah, something downright creepy and potentially even dangerous is going on… but what? “It seems as though there is some echo or shroud of Franco that has popped up. This is what she’ll be dealing with moving forward,” continues the scribe. “Why are these things showing up in her life? Who or what is responsible for these events, and what does the timing have to do with it? What is it about this time in her life that is causing these reverberations of Franco to be felt not only by her, but by those closest to her?”


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As you might expect, numerous theories and rumors are making the rounds. Could the late Franco’s mom, Heather, have escaped once again and, upset that her former daughter-in-law is moving on, be raising unholy hell? Might Franco not be as dead as we’ve all believed? (That one seems hard to believe, given that he basically died in the arms of his wife, a nurse… but then again, she and doctor-beau Finn thought Peter was dead when they shoved him in that freezer, didn’t they?)

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Perhaps our favorite theory being bandied about the Twitterverse is that Elizabeth is actually “haunting” herself. Could guilt about having moved on with Finn have triggered something in Elizabeth’s subconscious, causing her to take actions without even being aware of what she’s doing? Might she even have somehow developed a split personality?

The only thing we’re 100 percent certain of is that you have guesses as to what’s really going on with Elizabeth, so share them in the comments section. Then visit the gallery below in which we take a look at the lives, loves and loses of the popular heroine.