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The Emmy winner spilled all the tea during a recent Instagram chat.

When General Hospital alum Vanessa Marcil answered questions posed by Sonny and Brenda fans from a private Facebook group, she held nothing back, assuring them that her character was “alive and well in Rome.” What’s more, “Sonny’s there every other weekend.

“But,” she added mischievously, “you guys don’t know that yet.”

Playing Favorites

Elsewhere in the Q&A, the actress revealed that her favorite memories of working with Maurice Benard were “the last time” that she visited Port Charles. That comeback was “out of pure passion. It certainly wasn’t for the pay,” she said, noting that daytime “actors have taken like 80-percent pay cuts.”

Marcil loved when the star-crossed couple “finally got married” and enjoyed playing a version of Brenda that was “so imperfect.”

She and her longtime leading man actually taped more than viewers got to see. “If anyone thinks I’m a bigshot in daytime,” she cracked, “they cut our scenes” from the newly minted Corinthoses’ honeymoon!

Brenda, Sonny wedding GH

A Return Engagement?

As for another visit to her old stomping grounds, Marcil, speaking as Brenda, said, “I am Sonny’s soulmate… She’ll always, always return out of love to get her man.”

But the veteran of Beverly Hills, 90210 and Las Vegas doesn’t plan to accept any new acting roles till her son is in his second year of college and her daughter has graduated later this year. When she does, “it’s gonna be a weird role that you’ve never seen me in.”

GH Jason Carly Sonny Mike Nina kiss mashup

‘Sonny’s a Whore’

When a fan suggested that Sonny really needed Brenda now that he’s cheated on Carly with Nina, Marcil sounded surprised. “Didn’t Carly like [bleep] around with Steve Burton’s character,” Jason? Technically, no. Mind you, Marcil wasn’t that surprised by the turn of events. “Sonny’s a whore. He sleeps with everybody.

“I think,” she added, “it’s because you guys want to see him without his shirt on.”

While you’re here, check out the below photo gallery that revisits highlights of Brenda’s wild life and times in Port Charles.