Maxie and Peter from GH ABC
Credit: ABC

Maybe we could ask for a second opinion on this advice…

We aren’t going to beat around the bush here: General Hospital‘s Peter is a horrible, horrible human being. His portrayer, Wes Ramsey, however, is most definitely not! And on top of that, he’s actually pretty darn funny.

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Take, for instance, this behind-the-scenes photo that he shared of Peter and Maxie dropping little Louise off in the firehouse drop box. Okay, the family photo of baby abandonment isn’t exactly hilarious —though that self-satisfied look on Maxie’s face is perfection — but the caption that Ramsey added to it was priceless.

“When forming a happy healthy family unit,” he wrote, “Observe the following — Step 1: Allow things to unfold naturally.” You know, like stalking, kidnapping, threatening — very naturally. “Step 2: Remember, your other half is your better half.” Well, Maxie’s no angel… but yeah, she’s definitely the far, far better half in this demented equation. And finally, “Step 3: Always do what’s best for your children.”

Child abandonment versus life on the run with a sociopath… Hmm, that’s a tough one, but check! Abandonment it is! Wow, this family values thing is easy.

Ramsey’s real-life love, Laura Wright (Carly), backed him up, writing, “Words to live by.” And hey, if anyone would know, it’s this mom of two! Of course, she’d also know to never let Peter anywhere near her kids, so it’s more of a “Do as he says, not as he does” situation.

In all seriousness, though, Peter’s a terrible person and we hope whatever trick Maxie has up her sleeve with her earrings pays off. With that said, even if she didn’t have a plot in mind, dropping Louise off was definitely the best thing to do for the kid, so maybe her “better half” isn’t totally hopeless if he agreed. No, we’re kidding, he is. The man had literally threatened to take Louise away from Maxie forever just moments before.

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