sonny carly argue GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode "14865" - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Eric McCandless)LAURA WRIGHT, MAURICE BENARD
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The don’s no longer the made man that she married and married and married.

General Hospital has made it clear that Carly hates Nina as much as we do an empty wine glass. But the person who’s really responsible for the end of the Corinthoses’ marriage isn’t the other woman, Laura Wright suggests. It’s Sonny.

Upon his resurrection, had he come clean about the relationship “Mike” forged with Nina, Carly might have managed to swallow that pill, however bitter. Instead, he withheld that information. So “what they’re dealing with is that he lied to her,” the Emmy winner tells Soap Opera Digest, “so that he could continue to have his cake and eat it, too, in Carly’s mind.

“And it is true,” she adds.



Adding insult to injury — and next week, driving Mrs. C to consult a divorce attorney — is the fact that Sonny remains tied to Nina. Hell, even more than he was before now that they’ve hit the sheets. “What happened,” Wright muses, “to the Sonny that would be like, ‘You’re dead to me, and I’m going to crush you’? That’s the partner that Carly was used to having.

“He’s not fighting for his family the way he would have in the past,” she continues. “So the fact that that’s not Sonny anymore… It’s devastating to her.”

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