Laura Wright, Kim Zimmer, Cynthia Watros mashup
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Is it time for some fresh blood in Port Charles?

Kim Zimmer’s been pretty quiet on Twitter for the last few years, and to say the fans have missed Guiding Light‘s Reva would be an understatement! So, when she shared that she’d been hanging with Guiding Light alums Laura Wright (who went from Reva’s sister, Cassie, to General Hospital‘s mobbed up Carly) and Cynthia Watros (who jumped from Reva’s deranged nemesis, Annie, to Carly’s formerly deranged nemesis, Nina, on General Hospital), the internet stood up and took notice!

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“I just spent a wonderful afternoon playing pickleball with Laura Wright, Cynthia Watros, my son, Jake Weary, and my husband, A.C. Weary,” Zimmer tweeted. “Those gals are good!”

“You guys are naturals,” Wright responded. “So much fun!!!”

“It was so wonderful to see Kim,” Watros added. “Loved our pickleball match.”

Not only did it show us that Carly and Nina’s hatred does not spill over into real life, it also had the fans going crazy — and made them hungry for more. Much more! Like maybe Zimmer following her former Springfield residents back to Port Charles?

“My three favorite actresses,” Patrick Beecham tweeted. “I would love to see Kim Zimmer anywhere on daytime, but especially on GH.”

Take note, General Hospital, because the fans have plenty of ideas of where Zimmer could fit into your show!

“Couldn’t we all see you playing a Tracy Quartermaine-ish type part on GH?” Abby Dille tweeted. “What fun!”

Well, with Tracy Quartermaine off the canvas again (for now), it seems like the perfect time for someone to take up the mantle! Maybe a secret daughter of Edward’s to fill out the Quartermaine family a bit more? And when Tracy does pop back into town from time to time, you could bet there’d be plenty of friction between the two!

Or how about this?

“Would be awesome if you came to GH to play a relative of Nina or a new archenemy,” E.K. James tweeted. “I can see you going head-to-head against Ava Jerome.”

Pauline Pfeffer then reminded us that Austin needs a mom. But honestly, all those options have us excited! Maybe we could combine two of them and Zimmer could be a despised member of Nina’s family who becomes her archenemy. (You know, like Mommy Dearest Madeline was.)

That way, we really would get the rematch fans have been dying for ever since Annie tried framing Reva for the murder of her unborn child!

Then there was this idea, which would pretty much work as is.

“When is the Countess going to scam — I mean visit — Port Charles?” Marcello Lanfranchi asked.

He’s referring, of course, to the Countess Echo DiSavoy, who made waves over on One Life to Live. She first seduced and tried framing Clint for murder, then, decades later returned to town and realized she and Clint were Rex’s parents!

As ABC has the rights back from Prospect Park to the One Life to Live characters, it would be a piece of cake to move her up from Llanview to Port Charles!

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What do you think? Is there a spot for Zimmer on General Hospital? Who do you think she could play? Sound off below, then, before you head out, revisit some of the ladies’ wildest Springfield antics with a gallery of Guiding Light‘s most memorable moments!