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Sorry, Peter, there’s a new baddie in town! 

Don’t let that charming accent fool you… General Hospital‘s Victor is nothing but trouble, and Laura is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent him from tearing apart her family. “Laura is not only the mayor of Port Charles and concerned about the citizens,” says co-headwriter Dan O’Connor, “but she is also one of the few people on the canvas who have had first-hand experience with him. She knows exactly how dastardly he can be. as well as what he’s capable of.”

What, exactly, does Victor up his sleeve. “He definitely has a long-term plan,” reveals the other half of General Hospital‘s headwriting team, Chris Van Etten. “He’s maneuvering all of the chess pieces on the board to assure his victory.”

Already, we’ve seen Victor working overtime to create situations which will earn him the gratitude of those around him, including Spencer and Valentin. “Victor is presenting himself as a potential patriarch figure for the Cassadine family, which is something that hasn’t been present on the canvas in a very long time,” previews O’Connor. “And that worries Laura, because she can already sense that there may be an upcoming battle for the souls of her nearest and dearest, particularly her son, Nikolas, and grandson, Spencer.”

Above: “Spencer plays a crucial role in Victor’s plan for the future,” says O’Connor. 

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As it turns out, Laura is smart to be worried about her family, as the writes warn that Victor knows their secrets and isn’t above using that info to keep them close to his side. Of particular interest to Victor? Spencer.

“As we move forward with the story,” teases Van Etten, “we will learn what Victor’s motivations are and why preparing the next generation of his family is very important to him.”

Interestingly, Victor’s plans could put someone unexpected in the catbird’s seat: Esme! “While Victor will always prioritize Cassadine’s over non-Cassadines, Esme has an opportunity to prove herself and to position herself to be a member of that family,” says Van Etten. “But that would require her to stay on Spencer’s good side, and keep him from following his heart with Trina.”

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Adds O’Connor, “Anyone who underestimates Esme does so at their own risk, Victor included!”

While we wait to see what Victor’s next move will be, share your thoughts in the comments section about the Cassadine clan rising from the proverbial ashes. Then, join us in looking at the clan’s complex (and murder-filled) family tree via the gallery below.