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The actor spoke directly with fans in a furor.

As word spread that General Hospital was going to have Sonny and Nina make love, “CarSon” fans took to the internet to express their outrage. And bravely, Maurice Benard spoke to them, acknowledging that they were entitled to their opinions but holding fast to his own.

When one viewer suggested that Sonny wasn’t going to come back from this, that the character had been tarnished beyond repair, his portrayer scoffed. “Oh, I think Sonny has done way, way worse,” he said. “And for some strange reason, I’m still here after 28 years.

“And that’s because Sonny fans are incredible,” he added.

True. Viewers have forgotten the fact that the career criminal turned a teenage Karen into a stripper named Carrie the Schoolgirl (and slept with her). They’ve looked past the fact that he killed Michael’s biological father. And no one ever mentions all the barware he’s smashed over the years!

When another follower expressed admiration for the work Benard has been doing in this storyline, saying it might even be better than the Alzheimer’s plot, the actor replied, “Let me tell you something… Because of the cause, mental-health stories are always my favorite.

“But I will say this,” he went on. The “Carly/Nina storyline Is a blast and one of my favorites in 28 years.”

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