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Brace yourselves, because the unthinkable is about to happen! 

When Sonny kissed Nina during their stint in Nixon Falls, many General Hospital fans were up in arms. After all, this was a woman who knew perfectly well who “Mike” really was. Worse, she made the conscious decision to keep him away from his family.

But things changed once Sonny regained his memory. Why? Because despite knowing everything about the life he’d briefly left behind, he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Nina. And while Carly finally knows about what went down between her husband and the Crimson editor, things haven’t gotten any simpler for Sonny.

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“He is still wrestling with his undying love for Carly as well as his newfound genuine love for Nina,” says co-headwriter Chris Van Etten of the situation. “And now, the two sides of his heart are going to come together in one big conflict.”

That’s something of an understatement. Because according to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, Nina and Sonny wind up making love! And if early fan reaction to the news is anything to go by, the twist is not being well received in many quarters.

Of course, there are the Carly/Sonny fans who have been unhappy with this storyline for months. After his portrayer, Maurice Benard, retweeted the magazine’s cover, reaction was mixed at best.

Some feared this would definitely be the end of Carly and Sonny (although it’s worth mentioning that the pair have split and reunited more times than a bickering Beatles cover band). But others were excited to see where things might go. “I haven’t been as excited about a GH storyline in a long time,” wrote Mary Connie. “I love everything about Sonny and Nina.”

If there’s one thing that’s definitely struck a nerve with some viewers, it’s the fact that Nina knows Sonny went off his meds. And although Nina believes he has begun taking them again, having personally taken him to see his doctor, that happened so recently that she would have to know that they had not yet kicked in again.

Are you excited to see where this plot twist goes? Do you think it will mean the “end” of Sonny and Carly, or simply be another bump in the road for the long-suffering pair? Hit the comments section with your thoughts, then check out the gallery below in which we look at some of the major challenges Sonny has faced in the past, whether with Carly by his side or when flying solo.