Laura wright and roger howarth
Credit: ABC (2)

The record needed to be set straight. Immediately.

General Hospital‘s Carly is, without a doubt, one of the strongest characters on daytime right now. But she’s got nothing on her portrayer, Laura Wright, as the actress proved when she spoke up to put an end to a lie before it could take root.

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It all started when fans got heated after a seemingly innocuous tweet from several weeks back from executive producer Frank Valentini. He was promoting the show and, more specifically, Carly and Sonny’s storyline.

Somehow, it caught on again recently with Twitter folks getting into a dustup over Carly. And then it started getting personal, both between the fans and towards Wright.

One fan pulled Roger Howarth (Austin) into the mix, claiming that the only person who’s ever not gotten along with him was Wright. She then made the vague, unfounded claim that “some people” didn’t want to be in Wright’s presence. That just cranked the heat up in the comments even more.

“Why make assumptions about Laura?” JoTheNonConformist tweeted. “Coz that’s an accusation you have no proof of since you don’t know Roger well enough to determine whether she likes working with him or not. Some people?”

Others brought up interviews where Wright stated how much she loved working with Howarth, and then there were those who simply told everyone to stop squabbling over things that either didn’t matter, or that they knew nothing about.

It didn’t take long, though, for Carly’s clearly ticked off portrayer to wade into the fray and squash the unfounded rumors before they took off.

“This is a horrible lie,” Wright shot back. “I loved working with Roger!!! Carly and Todd were a fav of mine!! Stop spreading lies.”

It doesn’t get much more definitive than that.

Carly fan Leza Polyakova then stepped in to show Wright and Howarth back in their Loving days as Ally and Kent, along with Paul Anthony Stewart, Eden Atwood and Michael Weatherly. The two actors have known each other and enjoyed working together for decades.

Too often, folks seem to want to believe the negative, rather than the positive, and look for drama where there is none. It’s also far, far too easy for folks to say whatever they want on social media as they hide behind a computer screen. That’s how baseless rumors take life, somehow become “fact” and upend people’s lives. If there’s one thing this teaches us, it’s that we can all do better.

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