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“You may not be promised tomorrow,” he said, “but you can always make the most of today.”

January 31 will always be significant to Wes Ramsey. As he explained on Instagram, “20 years ago today, I left NYC and headed West for the sunny horizons of L.A. I’d only ever heard of. With dreams in my pockets and visions of what’s possible, I set out to build my future.”


Above: They grow up so fast.

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

And what a future it turned out to be, too. Since leaving the East Coast, where he made his daytime debut as Crystal Chappell’s brother on Guiding Light, he’s amassed a long list of credits that includes everything from Grey’s Anatomy to House M.D., gotten together with former castmate Laura Wright (who was Cassie; he, Sam) and created one of the more polarizing General Hospital characters in… ever?


Above: In their Guiding Light days, Ramsey and Wright were colleagues, nothing more.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

“Today, as I reflect on the decades passed,” continued Peter’s portrayer, “I’m thankful for the people who believed in me, for the talented people I’ve worked with and the relationships cultivated, for the chances I’ve been given to prove myself and for each and every set I’ve worked on, that step by step, year by year, helped me flesh out my dreams, slowly but surely, realizing I’ve made them come true.

“Remember,” he added, “you may not be promised tomorrow, but you can always make the most of today. Don’t be afraid to dream. It’s those dreams that can inspire and change the world.”

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An Uncertain Future

On screen, of course, it doesn’t appear that has Peter has very many tomorrows left. Since the villain has turned against him pretty much everyone in Port Charles, his days would seem to be numbered. As co-headwriter Dan O’Connor told Soaps.com in our exclusive February sweeps preview (read it in full here), “I’m sure people are urgently awaiting his comeuppance, and I’m sure that if they follow along, their commitment to this story will be rewarded.”

In other words, Peter will be punished. But don’t feel too bad for him. A glance at the photo gallery below — a recollection of the antagonist’s life and crimes — will remind you PDQ just why he deserves whatever he’s got coming to him!