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“She’s an amazing person in so many ways.”

A little more than a month after reports began to circulate that Chad Duell and Courtney Hope had broken up eight weeks after their wedding, the General Hospital star has made his first — and what may end up being his only — statement on the turn of the events. “Out of respect to her, I’m not going to delve too much into all this stuff,” he said during the January 30 episode of on-screen dad Maurice Benard’s State of Mind vlog. “All I’ll say is she’s an amazing person, she’s an amazing woman, she’s an amazing dog mom.

“It’s a complicated situation, and it’s not what anybody thinks,” he added. “I’m not going to get into detail, but it’s not what people think.”

Courtney Hope's birthday message to chad duell yr gh

Since Michael’s portrayer got together with the rising star who plays Sally on The Young and the Restless (and before that, played her on The Bold and the Beautiful), they’d been daytime’s “It” couple. So fans were as crushed as curious when they learned that they had broken up. “There wasn’t anything terrible that happened, or someone did anything to anybody else,” Duell said. “We’re still on good terms. She’s an amazing person in so many ways.”

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In fact, Duell sounds like as ardent an admirer of Hope’s as we are. “All I have to say is positive things,” he noted. As for the end of the relationship… “It’s just… mutual.

“We didn’t actually sign anything,” he continued. “We weren’t really, like, you know, married or anything, really. It was amicable, kind of just that. And that’s all I can really say. We always want the best for each other.”

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As do we for both of them. And hey, it was fun living vicariously through their romance while it lasted. We should all be so lucky as to have that kind of love in our lives once, if not forever. Before you, like Duell, move on, you can watch his interview in full above and revisit the good times in his relationship with Hope via the below photo gallery. We’ll be damned if they didn’t make us believe that real life could be as swoon-worthy as a daytime drama.

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