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“The fallout will be felt for months to come.”

Buckle up, because General Hospital headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor warn that February is going to take viewers on one hell of a ride. “It is going to be a rollicking month that may give the audience exactly what they’ve been wanting, and it will also result in a number of characters careening off in new directions.”

It seems only right to kick things off with the most hated man in America, or at least Port Charles, Peter August. “The stars have aligned, apparently at least, in Peter’s favor,” says O’Connor, well aware that hearing that will frustrate many in the audience. The baddie will “seize every opportunity he gets to take what he wants, which is his family.”

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Just how many lives does Peter have… and when will they finally run out? “I’m sure people are urgently awaiting his comeuppance,” says O’Connor slyly. “And I’m sure that if they follow along, their commitment to this story will be rewarded.”

Meanwhile, as the truth about Bailey/Louise bubbles ever closer to the surface, look for things to become complicated for Maxie and Brook Lynn, especially given that the latter has formed a family with Bailey’s faux dad, Chase. “The women will realize that there are significant emotional stakes at play,” teases Van Etten.

Speaking of emotional stakes, Sonny may soon have to confront the complicated situation that’s developed between himself, Nina and Carly. “The two sides of his heart are going to come together in one big conflict,” previews Van Etten. “Sonny will find himself at a fork in the road, and he can only go down one path.”

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Those in Sonny’s orbit will also find themselves dealing with big, emotional issues. For example, Brando and Sasha will find themselves struggling in the wake of Liam’s passing. “They aren’t on the same page as far as how they choose to deal with their son’s death,” acknowledges Van Etten. “That’s going to present a real problem for their relationship moving forward.

Likewise, Michael and Willow are having anything but smooth sailing. “Moving forward in February, they’ll be heading into rough waters as a result of things beyond their control,” says O’Connor. “Namely, what is becoming of Sonny and Carly’s marriage.”

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Elsewhere on the canvas, Sam will find herself in a familiar position… namely, torn between two men! This time, it’s not Jason and Drew but rather Drew and Dante. “She’s gotten very close to Dante, but at the same time, she and Drew have been bonding while co-parenting,” says Van Etten. “The question is whether doing so might reignite old feelings between them.”

Elizabeth has slowly but surely been moving forward, but recent events have left her — and viewers — wondering what the heck is going on. “It seems as though there’s some echo or shroud of Franco,” teases O’Connor. “Who or what is responsible? And why is this happening now?”

He adds that while “Curtis and Portia are looking toward the future, his father’s past will be nipping at their heels, and previous loves are never far behind.”

Elizabeth’s longtime best friend, Terri, is “on the market and ready to meet someone,” shares Van Etten, “and  a comedy of errors will result in her making a connection with a very surprising and familiar person.”

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Look for much-loved heroine Laura to become embroiled in what Van Etten calls “a fight for the very heart and soul of her family. Victor has a master plan, and he is slowly moving all of the chess pieces into place.” Nikolas, Ava and Spencer will all find themselves caught up in Victor’s plan to return the Cassadine family to their former glory. At the same time, “Anna and Valentin are trying to figure out their own relationship, but she becomes concerned that he might be vulnerable to Victor’s manipulations.”

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And you can’t speak about manipulators without mentioning Esme, who is creating quite the stir among the teen scene. “Like Victor, she has a master plan of her own, and what unfolds at the cabin is really just the beginning. The fallout will be felt for months to come.” And yes, the scribes promise, we will learn the truth about her connection to serial killer Ryan.

Phew! Now that we’ve run through the highlights of what’s to come this month, hit the comments to share which storylines you’re most excited about and theories as to how they’ll play out. Then, as Victor schemes to return the Cassadine clan to their former glory, check out the gallery below in which we take a closer look at the twisted family and their connection to Port Charles.