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Viewers haven’t forgotten, even if the show did!

General Hospital is known to drop little bits of important information and then not return to said tidbits for weeks, months, sometimes… ever! Case in point: We are still waiting to find out what happened to Holly Sutton, who the screaming woman in Victor’s dungeon was, and where in the world Hayden is. Heck, speaking of vanished characters, what about Rosalie Martinez, who married Brad to protect some big bad secret that also had something to do with his Mob family, the Wus? With Brad and his Auntie Selina back on the canvas, maybe it’s time to revive that storyline?

But there is another twist of plot that’s also waiting to play out, and that’s the truth about Trina’s father. She, her mother Portia and father Taggert, or so she thinks he’s her father, were just celebrating Valentine’s Day. Taggert couldn’t help but notice how happy Portia seemed, and she said she owed it to her relationship with Curtis. She hoped that discussing her new love with her former husband wasn’t difficult for him, especially given that she cheated on him years ago with Curtis. Taggert dismissed it as water under the bridge. But is it?

Robinson Family GH
Above: The portrait of a happy family… that still has secrets to reveal.

Currently, Trina has her hands full dealing with Spencer’s jealous and vindictive girlfriend Esme, who has it out for her. Esme even slipped Trina a mickey during the younger crowd’s recent ski trip. Thanks to Esme, it ended in disaster, but it proved to Trina, Joss and Cam how rotten she truly is. And they still have no idea Esme secretly taped Joss and Cam losing their virginity to one another.

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However, when Trina first came onto the scene, she had made a comment to Joss and Cam about having received an email from a DNA ancestry test she had done. The alert notified her that she had matched someone in Port Charles. However, instead of following through, she blew it off and didn’t seem to care that much about who it was. This was around the same time Curtis’ Aunt Stella had done a similar test and was excited to have found a long-lost relative. She did follow up on the lead and discovered an unknown relative living across the ocean in the UK. At the time, viewers immediately suspected Trina and Stella were related, and Curtis was her father.

Trina shocks her mother GH
Above: Dropping a hundred dollars on an ancestry test and then ignoring the results? Priceless!

Later, the plot point was mentioned again. As Portia helped Curtis look into the whereabouts of Drew, their investigation collided with Jordan and Shawn’s investigation into Naomi Dreyfus’ murder. They all were led to the same individual, but when Portia and Jordan investigated, they found the man dead and were locked in his basement as a gas leak threatened their lives. After Jordan passed out, Portia cried that she might never get to tell Trina the truth about her father, and she probably had waited too long to do so.

portia tells jordan a secret gh
Above: We half-expected the unconscious Jordan to have heard what Portia confessed.

Fortunately, Portia and Jordan were rescued. Unfortunately, the internal damage Jordan suffered from the fumes led to her being sent to a special care facility in upstate New York to recover. And just like Trina ignoring her DNA test, Portia never spoke about her secret regret again.

With Portia and Curtis deliriously happy with one another, and Curtis’ not-so-dead father Marshall back and harboring his own secret, Curtis’ life is pretty full right now. The timing may not be right just now, but we’re hoping the writers will eventually circle back to these plot points and reveal that Curtis is indeed the father of Trina.

Let us know in the comments if you want to see this storyline finally play out, or if it’s time to move on and chalk it up to another dropped plot. Then, before you go, check out a gallery of some characters like Trina… that we can’t believe are single on Valentine’s Day!