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Get ready for some tough love, people!

Romance is every soap’s bread and butter, and General Hospital is no different. The question is: Has this particular soap gone low-carb or are fans getting their fill of love in the afternoon? We’re taking a look at some of the show’s biggest couples and determining whether their romances are on the rise or falling flatter than a pancake.

Sonny & Carly

sonny and carly receive a visitor gh

This passionate couple might be headed for divorce number three — or is it four? — as they continue to reel from the Nixon Falls-related fallout. Sonny is fighting for his marriage to Carly, even though she’s asked for space to think things through (and to long for assumed dead bestie Jason). It doesn’t help matters that Nina is waiting on the sidelines to take her shot with Port Charles’ favorite mobster. All of this should be riveting, but CarSon overexposure and the repetitive nature of the dialogue has us cooling on this hot couple’s current crisis.

Finn & Liz


Talk about a slow burn. These two have shared a few kisses and made googly-eyes at one another, but shouldn’t they be a lot farther along by this point? Neither Liz or Finn seem overly invested, so their relationship comes across as less “Will they or won’t they” and more “They will, won’t they?” On the plus side, the latest odd twists involving Elizabeth’s wedding ring and Franco’s studio being set fire are keeping us interested…

Anna & Valentin

Someone call the fire department, ’cause these two are on fire.  Anna and Valentin have a complicated history, which adds layers to every conversation they have. He’s dangerous, and she can be, too. Their vibe is super sexy. If there’s one Vibe: super sexy. The only problem? We’re not seeing nearly enough of them thanks to an overpacked canvas.

Brook Lynn & Chase

Chase and BLQ tell Willow about Bailey at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

This pair is lukewarm when they should be boiling hot. They’re sexy and have killer chemistry, and living together in order to keep up the charade of being Louise’s parents is a great romantic comedy setup. But the various (and numerous) stumbling blocks the writers have crafted to keep these two from getting together feel contrived. We’re into them, but need to see them be into one another.

Portia & Curtis

Trina interrupts Portia and Curtis at Metro Court General Hospital

This couple is the very definition of the saying “looks good on paper.” Actually, they look pretty darn good on screen, too. But that’s where the hotness ends. Curtis has more chemistry with his pal Laura than with love interest Portia. It might be time for General Hospital to consider seeing if these two fare better in other romantic pairings.

Sam & Dante

Dante comforts Sam GH

We assumed these two would be the next big thing, especially once Jason was removed from the equation. It seemed natural to assume they would pick up steam even as she was reconnecting with her ex-Drew. Yet instead, Dante’s showing a lot more interest in his dad’s drama than his own personal life. As a result, Dante and Sam have been moved so far off the front burner we’re not even sure they’re still on the stovetop!

That’s our quick-hit take on the state of (romantic) affairs in Port Charles. Now let’s hear what you think. Which couples are cooking with gas and which couldn’t generate sparks if we handed them flint? Share your thoughts in the comments, then check out 30 of our all-time favorite couples via the photo gallery below. What might today’s pairs learn from these classic romances?