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Few and far between are the viewers who’d see this one coming.

Back us up on this one, would ya, General Hospital fans? It would be an understatement to say that there’s no love lost between Carly and Nina. And it would be a bold-faced lie to say that viewers have taken a forgive-and-forget approach to “the other woman” letting Sonny’s family needlessly grieve him for months.

But that could all change — and soon. With the bipolar mobster off his lithium, he’s spiraling faster than an out-of-control roller coaster. Any day now — and we can all see it coming, right? — he’s going to show up on Nina’s doorstep and suggest that they finish what they started in Nixon Falls… in bed.

For an instant, it’s going to seem like a dream come true to her. But then she’ll realize… Oh. Something is very not right. Already, she’s realized that Sonny is off his meds, so she’ll slam the brakes, turning a night of passion into one of compassion instead. Rather than prove herself to be the “conniving bitch” Carly thinks she is, Nina will deliver Sonny to the care of his wife.

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At first, Carly being Carly, we doubt she’d be able to form the words “thank” and “you.” Later, though, as Sonny re-stabilized and Carly reflected on the chance Nina had given up to end “CarSon” for good, she’d have to admit… Nina did the right thing.

Carly, who once stuck a fork in mom Bobbie’s marriage out of spite, would understand all too well the power that Nina had had in the moment. And she’d used it to look out for Sonny rather than further her own agenda.


Besties, the women are never going to be. However, Carly and Nina might at least declare a cease-fire, one that would turn down the volume between the Corinthoses enough for them to heal a little and begin anew.

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Would that be the end of the story? No. Sonny and Carly would still have to deal with his lingering feelings for Nina — exacerbated by her attempts to move on with someone new. He doesn’t know what to do with that leftover love. Carly doesn’t know how to deal with it. And Nina has to live with the fact that she is ultimately living in a hell of her own making.

Kinda poignant, right? Instead of Carly and Nina sniping at each other, we’d land on a story in which all three participants are hurting as they’re trying to do the right thing. Could they keep it up long enough to leave what happened in Nixon Falls… in Nixon Falls? We’d be keen to find out.

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