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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

A single photo was all it took.

When Tyler Christopher shared a picture of himself getting his makeup done on what appeared to be a set on January 24, his Instagram followers could hardly contain their excitement.

“New look in studio,” he captioned the pic. But fans were eager to caption it instead, in essence, “Finally! You’re coming back!”

Some hoped that the Emmy winner would be returning to General Hospital, where he played Nikolas off and on from 1996-2013. In fact, missbuffalo66 suggested that maybe the photo had been taken “in the Cassadine caverns.”

And hey, maybe it was. If Christopher returned to General Hospital, he could do so as another member of the Cassadine clan, thus granting Marcus Coloma’s wish to get to work with his predecessor as Nikolas. (Read that full story here.) Christopher wouldn’t be the first alum to come back in a different role. See also: Anthony Geary (ex-Luke/Bill), Sarah Brown (ex-Carly/Claudia), Tamara Braun (ex-Carly/Kim)…

And don’t even get us started on all the different characters Michael Easton (Finn) and Roger Howarth (Austin) have played over the years.

Of course, Christopher could also have been back at Days of Our Lives, where he originated the role of Stefan before leaving it to Brandon Barash, who now plays twin brother Jake. We know, we know — Stefan’s heart is now tick, tick, ticking in Julie’s chest. But since the NBC soap regularly features masks that can not only alter characters’ faces but their voices, heights and who knows what else, is it really that farfetched an idea that Stefano and Vivian’s son could be resurrected?

In fact, since the devil is currently among the show’s regulars, it would take nothing him to raise Stefan from the grave along with a little hell. Overnight, we could get a whole lotta jokes about “Huh — for twins, you don’t actually look that much alike, do you?”


If it were up to us — and (sigh) it never is — Christopher would be popping up on The Young and the Restless (as Lorie Brooks’ all-grown-up son) or The Bold and the Beautiful (because Katie is past due for a new love interest). Then, there’s also every possibility that whatever he’s working on has nothing to do with daytime.

Needless to say, when we find out the whole story, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, check out the below photo gallery that celebrates the life and crimes of his Days of Our Lives’ daddy, the infamous Stefano DiMera (whose portrayer — fun fact — was Nicholas Van Buren on General Hospital).