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Sonny gets straight to the point with Carly.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of January 24 – 28, tensions flare and things get heated. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

This week, Victor runs into Maxie at Charlie’s and finds she has an old sonogram photo of Louise. General Hospital spoilers tease that Victor discovers something that will play into his bigger plans, and he’s already made it clear that he wants to make Brook Lynn pay for deceiving his son Valentin and letting him believe he was Bailey’s father. He also knows, thanks to Austin, that Maxie’s friendship is the key to hurting Brook Lynn. Will Victor put two and two together and discover Bailey is actually Louise?

Britt makes a call to warn someone to be careful, as Nina is shown on the phone looking concerned. Is Britt warning her about Carly, Peter, or perhaps a growingly unhinged Sonny?

As every day passes and Sonny goes without his lithium, he is becoming more unstable. Though Carly questioned him about a phone call from the pharmacy about missing his prescription, Sonny made excuses. However, when he blows his top at Curtis and Drew, will they figure out that Sonny’s off his meds? And what will Carly say when Sonny tells her nothing has changed unless it has for her?

Finally, Frank Smith’s daughter Jennifer is back after crashing Luke’s memorial. Is she back just to bid the man she was obsessed with farewell, or does she have a bigger agenda? And could she be the mysterious new mob player in Port Charles?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook