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Nikolas nailed it when he said that it was just like his grandmonster to “upstage a man at his memorial.” But that may have been only half of her goal.

When General Hospital laid to rest Emmy magnet Anthony Geary’s Luke Spencer on January 21, there were tears (ours!), surprises (hey there, Jennifer Smith!) and a deliciously bitter monologue by Constance Towers’ late, hateful Helena Cassadine.

Helena gets the last word GH

Above: “To add insult to injury, I’m in high-def, biznatches!”

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“God, I hate that woman,” hissed Tracy as Spencer’s murderous great-grandmother began her taped speech. But, what with being prerecorded, there was no stopping Helena. “I always told Luke that I would have the last word,” she purred, “and now I am going to have it.”

Only she didn’t. Luke’s nearest and dearest put up with a lot. They listened as Helena said that she “always considered Luke a parvenu, and since I’m sure none of you there is familiar with that word, let me explain.

“A parvenu,” she continued — and thanks for the vocabulary lesson, General Hospital! #themoreyouknow — “is someone who has suddenly reached a level of unaccustomed power and wealth but has not yet gained the prestige and dignity associated with it.”

Oh dear. Yeah, that meant that she was not paying Luke a compliment. He “is a cheap, tawdry rhinestone,” Helena chuckled, “even though he fancied himself a diamond in the rough.

“The truth is,” she added, “Luke was always destined to lose in the end.” But before she could spit any more venom, Laura pulled the plug. Which made sense, of course; Laura had heard enough from Helena to last two, maybe three lifetimes.

However, Luke’s “angel” might have accidentally paved the way for Helena to raise more hell. We have a hunch that she was about to drop a bombshell. Perhaps Luke fathered another child out of wedlock, one who unbeknownst to him had been raised in the kind of poverty and desperation that had turned him into an opportunistic con artist.


Above: Trent Garrett (Asher, All My Children), Tika Sumpter (Layla, One Life to Live) or Krystal Mosley (Crystal, The Young and the Restless) would make us Luke twice at a surprise offspring of Geary’s iconic character.

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Since neither Laura nor anyone else heard all of what Helena had to say, their guard may be down when a charming stranger rolls into town. They’ll buy whatever Lucky, Lulu and Ethan’s half sibling is selling without saying to themselves, “Oh, wait — this is the sneaky conniver Helena told us Luke had never even realized he’d brought into the world. Let’s take whatever they say with a grain of salt, shall we?”

In this new character, be it male, female or nonbinary, viewers could have a whole new Luke, one with all the appeal of dear ol’ Dad with none of the history. What would happen next? We’d be perched on the edge of our seats, dying to find out. How about you? Don’t you think it was folly of Laura to cut off Helena? While you’re here, pay your respects to the late, great Lucas Lorenzo Spencer via the below photo gallery of his life and times.