laura wright carly GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode "14767" - “General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey)LAURA WRIGHT, BROOK KERR
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She’s not the only one who was ready for her close-up.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell ya: It is hard getting your kids together — and well-behaved enough — to take a good family portrait. But it looked like Laura Wright had nailed it when General Hospital recruited her and on-screen offspring Chad Duell and Eden McCoy to take some glamtastic new promo shots.

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In a series of behind-the-scenes images, the Daytime Emmy winner revealed what went down on “Picture Day in Carly’s World.” Mainly, it seems, a whole lot of the trio standing around and making us wonder, “Wait, is it possible that they just don’t have a bad angle? Like, not one?”

Spoiler alert: They really don’t.


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Later, the ABC soap revealed the result of the shoot, a stunning portrait of the threesome as Carly, Michael and Josslyn. The only one of the moll’s kids that was missing was Donna. Well, and stepdaughter Avery. And maybe stepson Dante? And stepdaughter Kristina, too. And Morgan, though he’s yet to join the ranks of Port Charles’ “walking dead.”

While you’re here, check out the newly updated collection of General Hospital portraits in the photo gallery below. The show is releasing them a few at a time, so every other day, it seems, we’re adding shots to the album.