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Everyone knows, when it comes to soaps, goodbyes don’t always mean forever.

General Hospital fans won’t want to miss today’s Friday, January 21, episode as family and friends gather at the Haunted Star for a memorial in honor of Luke Spencer. ABC7’s George Pennacchio, who also happens to be a soap fan, visited the set to talk about the big event and the iconic character behind it all.

“I just have a hard time believing in my heart that the great Luke Spencer died in an accident,” Genie Francis (Laura) shared — and she wasn’t the only castmate to express that belief. Tristan Rogers (Robert) and Finola Hughes (Anna) recalled that their characters both came back after having been declared dead. “No one stays dead on a soap,” Francis also stated. “I don’t know how many times I’ve been dead!”

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While discussing how the writers killed Luke off in a cable car accident in Austria, and the upcoming memorial ahead, Hughes made it clear that she really wants there to be “some kind of mystery as to how this happened.” With Rogers and Kristina Wagner (Felicia) by her side, she suggested, “If we can go and investigate that, all of us, that would be perfect.” Rogers and Wagner agreed and reminded viewers that “there’s a lot of power in death on a soap opera.”

Castmate Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) discussed details from Luke’s memorial, to which LoCicero stated, “I know how to cry for fake but it makes you want to cry for real.” Then Hughes chimed in with a tease, “Here’s the thing that you have to know… All weddings and all funerals are interrupted by something.”

So, what’s the big interruption in question? We can tell you that no one is pleased to see Victor crash the event but you have to watch the video to hear the sinister words he leaves Luke’s followers with. “I feel like they’re setting the stage really, for a wonderful comeback,” Francis admitted.

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View the full interview below, which includes a few sneak peeks from Luke’s service, then let us know in the comments what you think really happened to Luke — or if you believe, after years of being involved in one dangerous situation after another, he finally met his fate.

After checking out the surprising way Luke might still live on in a whole new character, join us as we walk back through time with a look at his adventures and misadventures over the years in our photo gallery below.

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