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Get ready for not just a trip, but a whole vacation down Memory Lane. 

Maybe there’s something in the air, maybe it has to do with yearning for the times of old while the year’s still young. Or maybe the loss of Luke is making everyone yearn a bit more for simpler days. Either way, a trio of General Hospital‘s veteran superstars took to Twitter recently to re-share clips from the show’s halcyon days and tickle our nostalgic bones in the process.

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Lucy has always been a trendsetter, so of course Lynn Herring kicked off this spate of flashbacks by re-sharing a short clip of the first time Scotty ever laid eyes on Ms. Coe.

“Thank you,” Herring replied when she retweeted the scene, “love this!! Kin Shriner, little did we know, ‘Oh, the places we would go.'”

Next up came Anna and Felicia from their aerobic-tastic buddy days, shortly before, one fan pointed out, the former double agent tied Robert up on Valentine’s Day! It’s a delightful glimpse at their friendship with what has to be the best line we’ve heard in ages.

Actually, Finola Hughes seems to agree with us as Anna’s portrayer couldn’t help but retweet it! 

“’Underneath this body lurks something similar to that,'” she quoted. “‘I’ve just forgotten where I put it!’ Classic!” 

And finally, Kin Shriner jumped in on the fun with his fatalistic humor towards Scotty when a fan shared a clip from the Campus Disco days when a jealous Luke interrupts Laura and Scotty “in the cruelest way possible.”

“Yeah,” Shriner quipped, “he did that a lot!!!”

Yes, yes, he did — which is why we can’t imagine Scotty’s shedding too many tears about Luke being gone! Notice how he was not one of the mourners at Luke’s memorial?

So now that we traveled back to the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, as an added little bonus, we’ll let Wally Kurth (Ned) and a slew of daytime friends sing you out with this flashback video of “Eyes of a Child.”

As Kurth noted, “this was a well intentioned music project. We performed it on Oprah too.”

And though we couldn’t track down the Oprah performance, here’s the video in its entirety. Trust us when we say there are far more soap stars performing this song than we could possibly list!

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