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The residents of Port Charles are all dressed up with somewhere (sad) to go. 

Maybe we’re in denial, or maybe we’ve just been watching soaps too long, but we absolutely, positively refuse to believe that General Hospital‘s Luke Spencer is really, most sincerely dead. Considering how many of his loved ones have risen from premature graves in the past, we’re frankly surprised any of them believe it, either.

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But believe it, they apparently do. And on Friday, January 21, they’ll gather together to say farewell to one of the town’s most legendary characters. The end of Luke’s life is, however, only the beginning, as the memorial service held at the Haunted Star promises to not only feature an unexpected guest or two, but kick off an exciting new story.

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Above: Not pictured? The surprise guests who will no doubt put in an appearance at Luke’s service!

Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

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Who might the aforementioned guests be? While Laura’s son and grandson — Nikolas and Spencer — are, as the picture above indicates, on hand, we’d be willing to bet they aren’t the only Cassadines who will put in an appearance. At the very least, it seems likely Victor will show up… and we’ll be shocked if Luke’s longtime nemesis Helena doesn’t slink aboard the yacht once owned by her family.

Of course, we also have a wish-list of former characters (and their portrayers) whom we’d love to see return. For example, how great would it be to have Lucky — whether played by Jonathan Jackson, Jacob Young or Greg Vaughan — be there to support mom Laura during this trying time? And it’s hard to imagine that Luke and Holly’s son, Ethan (played by Nathan Parsons) wouldn’t be on hand for the occasion.

Perhaps the ultimate surprise, however, would be if the guest of honor himself were to come strutting into the room. “Why all the long faces?” Luke might quip. “Who died?”

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Sure, that’s a long shot, but if there’s one thing General Hospital has taught us of late, it’s to expect the unexpected. From the shocking reveal that Holly is alive and being held somewhere to Tracy showing up with news of Luke’s death, the show has routinely knocked us off balance with shocking twists. And what could possibly be more stunning than the unexpected return of both Luke and his iconic alter ego, Anthony Geary?

Who do you think will show up at the service? Hit the comment section with your theories (and hopes). Then join us in reminiscing about the (supposedly) late, definitely great Luke Spencer and his many misadventures via the photo-filled gallery below.