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Like Ava Jerome, the actress isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. 

When in doubt, ask the collective hivemind of the internet for advice! Just watch you don’t take everything folks tell you at face value. That’s the lesson General Hospital‘s Maura West (Ava) learned when she asked the Twitterverse for assistance with a growing cat-tastrophe.

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“Our beloved neutered male cat, Sufjan, has begun peeing in a large potted plant,” she tweeted. “Any ideas how we can gently and humanely curb this rather gross and smelly habit? Thanks in advance!”

First off, just the way she framed the question makes us realize she’s just as great a cat mom as a real mom. Some folks, though, don’t take things quite as seriously as others. James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) offered some advice, but we have a feeling his tongue was stuck firmly in cheek when he tweeted to his co-star that, “A stuffed eagle in the room might work.”

And that had Laura Wright (Carly) collapsing in laughter.

Well, if nothing else for only $34.99 (plus, we’re going to guess, shipping and handling), that eagle looks like a steal! Fun fact: Bald eagles have not been endangered nor threatened since 2007 when Congress declared June 20, 2007, “American Eagle Day.” So, we guess selling them stuffed is a thing now? Still, we have to question how well they work when it comes to cat pee.

Honestly, so did Stuart, who came back with some actual advice — or rather, his wife, Jocelyn did! The life hack? Geranium oil. “Cats hate it,” he tweeted.

Of course, with over 200 replies to her question, West had her pick of answers to choose from. Though some seemed a bit more humane than others… No word yet on which she tried, or which worked, but now we’re dying to know the answer to her question too. Hopefully we get an update!

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