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Even off screen, Hayden and Finn had a profound effect on one another.

Big props to Rebecca Budig for speaking her truth. I had my daughter seven years ago,” she shared on Instagram on January 14. “When she was about five months old, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety.

“What I thought would be the easiest, most joyful time of my life turned out to be one of the hardest,” she continued. “Many women go through it, but the shame I felt was overwhelming.”


No doubt, all the moms out there understand that there is more to bringing a child into the world than that magical baby-head scent. “There is a ton of pressure when you become a mom,” noted Hayden’s former (and hopefully future) portrayer. “It starts with breast-feeding and on and on and on. More on that later.”

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At the time, Budig opened up to a castmate. “One day I shared what I was going through with my friend, Michael Easton (Finn), and was encouraged to write it down. What came of that is [About a Girl,] a short film based on my experience,” she explained. “I wrote and shot this film — under Michael’s direction — to share it with others in the hope that one woman won’t feel alone. That a loved one might open their eyes to how someone might be feeling.

“I’ll be sharing more about my film and my experience with postpartum in the upcoming weeks,” she added, “but if you would like to see more about the movie please go to @aboutagirlfilm here on Instagram.”


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You can watch the trailer for the short above. (Language warning for those easily flustered.) In addition to spotting some familiar faces among the cast, you’ll see hints of the very real, very raw, very riveting performance that Budig gives.

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