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The actor wants to give the power to the fans.

Ever since Ryan Paevey left General Hospital in 2018, fans have been asking if he would ever consider a return to the show. We all know that nobody is ever dead for good on soaps, so there’s always a possibility that Nathan could return to the Port Charles landscape. And if the character does come back, how would Paevey feel about another actor recast in the role?

Soaps.com got to the heart of the matter with the Hallmark star in a recent interview where he addressed the recasting possibilities with Nathan. Claiming it was “above [his] pay-grade level” to make such decisions, he understands that he has “no ownership of the character of Nathan” and it’s strictly the producers’ decision. “Ultimately, it boils down to you,” Paevey explained why another actor could take on the role. “You have to take your ego out of stuff like that. If that fans have developed an attachment to a character and you don’t want to do it anymore.. and I’m not saying I don’t want to go back to being Nathan, but at the moment there is nothing in the works.”

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Even if there aren’t discussions happening at the moment, we had to press on to see how deeply he feels about returning to General Hospital. The actor danced around the question a bit, adding, “If the timetables were right and the show wanted Nathan back right now because the fans wanted Nathan back right now, I want the fans to have what they want. I want to have what I want, too.”

So that sounds like a strong maybe from Paevey if the viewers were to start a Nathan campaign — and his needs were met by the producers. The one thing he did want us to know is that “there’s not talks, there’s no plans — only time will tell.” So for now, any return talk is simply that… talk.

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