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“Much love,” Cameron’s portrayer tweeted.

General Hospital‘s William Lipton surprised fans just a bit when he shared a photo of himself in a surgery gown on Twitter and announced that his surgery was a success. At the time, he didn’t have words for more — literally. He’d had a tonsillectomy and talking was out of the question.

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The young actor understandably went quiet for almost a week as he recovered, but finally on Wednesday night he popped back onto Twitter to share an update and a sweet message for all his fans. And he was actually speaking! You just had to listen carefully.

“I just wanted to record a quick video to say ‘Thank you’ for all of your kind messages that I have been receiving,” Lipton shared in his post-tonsil, raspy voice. “You have no idea how much it means to me. I’m currently on my feet and able to kind of talk, just a little bit, which is — oh my gosh, it was an effort just to get to this point.”

“But we are here, and I think I have to thank you a little bit for your encouragement and, you know, for all the love. So, it’s a ways to go, but we’re doing well. Just a little update. Much love y’all.”

The grateful fans had plenty more words of encouragement and support — not to mention a fair share of advice! Continuing to rest himself and his voice were popular, as was eating plenty of ice cream! (Question. Do we need to have our tonsils out for that to be a good thing or can we just dig in anyway and call it “healing?”)

But in all seriousness, all that advice sounds good. As kind as it was to update his fans, Lipton has some healing to do yet.  And rest and recovery are the best things for him, even if, as Trina’s portrayer Sydney Mikayla tweeted, “I’m kinda diggin’ the raspy William.”

Onscreen, Cameron is about to head off on a getaway with Josslyn and the gang, and between Spencer and Esme’s drama and Trina feeling like the odd woman out, we have a feeling things could very easily get out of hand. So when one fan wished Lipton well, she also asked what we’re sure was on everyone’s minds — is this going to be keeping him from his General Hospital work for long?

“I’ll be back soon,” he promised.

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Let’s hope so! In the meantime, we wish him a smooth, speedy recovery. And as much as we kind of agree with Mikayla, hope the next time we hear Lipton it’s with his normal voice!

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