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Why do we suddenly feel like donning a kilt?

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Actually, stop General Hospital‘s beloved late Duke, Ian Buchanan.

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“Two Scots walked on to a greenscreen,” Buchanan tweeted in the set-up to a joke for which we can’t wait to find out the punchline! Those two Scots are, of course, Buchanan and Days of Our Live‘s Xander, Paul Telfer. And judging by the photo, they were clearly having a blast together. Well, judging by what Buchanan noted, as well!

“I had the best time today with this very kind and wonderfully talented young man,” he added in the replies. “And handsome. Which never hurts. Thank you, Paul!”

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Though Buchanan didn’t get into exactly what he was working on with Telfer, if we were betting folks, we’d guess the two actors are working on the same soap-star-studded project that Kin Shriner (Scotty) is working on, the Jim Waren YouTube miniseries Truth + Consequences. After all, Buchanan does appear in the teaser promo!

(Also, Telfer’s wearing the shirt.)

And for those keeping track, no, not all Scottish people know each other! As Warren shared, this was the two actors’ first time meeting each other, not to mention working together. Though Buchanan was on Days of Our Lives briefly as dashing businessman, Ian McAllister, it was before Telfer’s time as Xander.

Speaking of star-studded, back on Twitter, Barbara Crampton, who among a slew of soap credits played Buchanan’s Bold & Beautiful wife, Maggie to his James Warwick, got in on the fun when she saw the tweet from her former “hubby.”

“All my old soap friends, I send you love,” she tweeted, adding that she’d just had coffee with a very special alum — One Life to Live‘s Alex and General Hospital‘s Olivia Jerome, Tonja Walker!

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Clearly, it’s not just Scots who get to have all the fun — it’s soap stars! In any case, count us in. Somehow, we’d never thought to bring these two handsome countrymen together before, but as far as we’re concerned, double the accent, double the swooning.

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