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It’s time for these plots to kick into high gear.

Secrets are the stuff soaps are made of. Sometimes they’re jaw-droppers which prove worth the wait (like when General Hospital revealed that Laura had given birth to a Cassadine heir) while others are dragged out so long that the audience stops caring. Right now, the residents of Port Charles are sitting on a whole slew of secrets, some of which aren’t aging particularly well. With that in mind, here are the five secrets we’re dying to see come to light… including one dark twist that would definitely spice up a storyline that, frankly, could use it.

5. Who killed Hayden’s mom? Hayden Barnes — AKA Elizabeth’s secret sibling, the erstwhile Rachel Berlin) —  is the daughter of Naomi Dreyfus. You’ll recall that way back in August, Naomi was murdered by a mystery man, and it was made to look like she’d overdosed. Why? No one knows. Private eye Sam McCall and sudden tabloid publisher Shawn Butler were on the case for a hot minute, and we thought maybe this would lead to Hayden (and portrayer Rebecca Budig) finally returning. Instead, the two seem to have completely forgotten the mystery… but we sure haven’t!

Shawn and Sam are shocked by what they find in Naomi's room General Hospital

Above: “Shawn, I feel like we’re forgetting something… “ 

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4. Baby Bailey is Baby Louise. Maxie needed to protect her baby girl, Louise, from villainous papa Peter. Brook Lynn needed a baby to pull a fast one on Valentin. At the time, it made perfect sense for the two women to strike a bargain and pretend that Louise was missing while she was in fact playing the role of Brook Lynn’s newborn baby, Bailey. Now, however, things have spiraled wildly out of control. So many people are being lied to that at this point, it’s hard to see how the ladies don’t wind up town pariahs. How, for example, does Maxie ever rationalize not having told mom Felicia? It’s definitely time for Peter to die so the truth can come out, allowing Maxie to reclaim her child so Louise can be ignored like her siblings, Georgie and James.

brook lynn with maxie's baby louise gh

Above: We’re just hoping Louise is back with her real mom before SORAS hits and Brook Lynn finds herself raising a teenager!

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3. Spencer and Trina have the feels for each other. Sure, this is basically the worst kept secret in town. Ever since she tried to pepper spray him and wound up covered in fake blood — perhaps the messiest “meet cute” in daytime history — the sparks have flown between them. Spencer and Trina — hashtag Sprina — would be perfectly happy together… were it not for his hatred of her mentor, Ava. Oh, and the fact that his current girlfriend, Esme, seems kinda sorta borderline psycho. But given that they’re clearly into each other, it’s time for these teens to find their way into one another’s arms.

Spencer and Trina at the pool GH

Above: So close… and yet so far!

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2. Speaking of Esme, what’s her connection to Ryan Chamberlain? From the get-go, we know this girl was trouble… a fact cemented when she torched Ava’s car! What we haven’t been able to figure out is what connection she shares with serial killer Ryan. But no matter what it turns out to be, it can’t be good, right? Whether she’s his heretofore unknown offspring or simply working with the madman, she’s trouble. The quicker we find out how she and Ryan are linked the easier it will be to determine just how quickly we want to see Nikolas dump the witch and make the romantic switch!

GH esme harmony ryan screenshot

Above: Esme’s not just swinging by to see Ryan as part of her charity work, of that we’re sure!

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1. The truth about Austin. Way back in May of last year, we met Roger Howarth’s latest alter ego when he helped deliver Maxie’s baby. Not long after, he revealed himself to be a long-lost Quartermaine looking for his share of the family fortune. While Austin hasn’t made much progress on that front, he has further ingratiated himself into Maxie’s life, becoming something of a protector. He’s also been recently bonding with Britt as they’ve helped each other navigate the dating scene. And what, exactly, do Britt and Maxie have in common? Ties to Peter! Coincidence? Maybe. But we can’t help wondering if perhaps the quirky newbie is being paid by Peter to keep an eye on both his babymama and sister! If this turns out to be true, the fact that Austin’s developing feelings for both Maxie and Britt could lead to big problems… especially if he tries to sever his ties with Peter, who doesn’t take rejection particularly well!

GH Austin Britt savoy drinks screenshot

Above: Will Austin be able to expense cocktails with Britt as part of his work for Peter?

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So many secrets, so little time… or at least, that’s what we hope! Which secret do you think needs to be exposed, pronto? Share your thoughts, then check out one of General Hospital‘s most notoriously secretive clans, the Cassadines, in the gallery below, where we poke around in the family tree to see what falls out!