Credit: ABC screenshot (4)

Sonny’s wife smacked his “other woman” so hard, even our cheeks could feel it. Da-amn!

That’s one way to “take out a hit.” In Monday’s General Hospital, Carly invited herself to Nina’s office to make sure that her rival could see the neon sign flashing over Sonny’s head that read, “Mine… all mine!” But Mrs. C didn’t quite get what she wanted.

“What you wanted,” Nina pointed out a little too confidently, “was for me to tell you that what happened between Sonny and me in Nixon Falls could never happen again.

“But,” she added, “we both know that would be a lie.”

And that was it for Carly. She hauled off and, in time-honored soap tradition, slapped Nina. It was a good’n, too — so good, as a matter of fact, that we’ve had to reconsider our countdown of soaps’ all-time heaviest hitters.

That’s right — a list that’s historically been as unchanging as Days of Our Lives’ hourglass… has changed. With one swift smack, Carly — already well-placed on the chart — moved even higher in the Top 10.

That, folks, is no mean feat. Laura Wright’s punchy alter ego managed to gain ground on a list that includes such slap-happy legends as Stephanie from The Bold and the Beautiful and Katherine from The Young and the Restless — proficient pugilists who, if they said, “Talk to the hand,” you’d duck.


How high did Carly rise on the list? Find out by perusing the below photo gallery, our little tribute to the combustible characters who let their fingers do the walking… all over their opponents’ faces.