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The soap-hopper had to say, “Scruff is enough.” Not in so many words, but you know what we mean.

After sharing a series of serene videos from El Segundo Beach, Wally Kurth dropped a photo that revealed what he’d been doing over his holiday break from General Hospital: growing a sexy salt-and-pepper beard.

But, he said, as it was “back to Ned tomorrow,” it was also “goodbye, beard.”


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Kurth’s Days of Our Lives castmate Paul Telfer — Xander to his Ned — was chagrined to hear it. “Shame,” he remarked, “to sacrifice such a great specimen of a beard.”

Fans quickly chimed in in agreement. “This is literally what I said,” marveled stomlin21. “Save the beard for the love of God.”

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“I remember a time when you had to glue on one,” wrote danceanddialogue. “The real one looks good.” Added missbeth54: “Too bad you can’t keep it for the show.”

“Love the scruffy look,” concurred farmgirldoyle. “Not the look for Ned or Justin but definitely for Wally.”

For his part, Kurth could only sigh. “Right?” he replied to Telfer. “Three weeks of effort.”


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Oh, it wasn’t all for naught, Wally. It made for a fine photo op and gave us an excuse to remind fans of past soap-star transformations, including one that when you see it, you’re gonna have to stop and, ahem, “mullet” over. Take a peek below.