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“I can feel it going by too fast… “

Regular readers know that Harper Barash is not only one of the cutest kids out there, but deeply loved by mom Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital) and dad Brandon Barash (Jake, Days of Our Lives). But as the little girl got one step closer to being a young lady, Storms gave us a deeper understanding of what makes Harper so incredibly special.

“She’s a fierce little female with a mind of her own,” Mom said on Instagram a day after her daughter had celebrated her 8th birthday. “She’s silly, but also extremely smart. She’s a great listener and will always ask her dad or me ‘How are you doing?’ when she’s on the phone with one of us. (If you’ve ever spoken on the phone with a kid her age, then you know that’s rare.) She truly cares about how the people she loves are feeling. Like, deeply cares.”

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Okay, so obviously, we were already tearing up. But it was the next part that really got us in the feels. “She’s an animal lover,” Storms wrote, “and I’m convinced every single one she comes into contact with can sense it. It’s like they’re drawn to her.”


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Mom’s missive went on to say that her little girl “loves playing with makeup and building Lego sets.” And, as the picture above indicates, “She will chose to wear a dress instead of jeans {every single time), but she will balance it out and wear dresses with Converse or combat boots.”

Eventually, Storms had to accept that no words could ever truly capture Harper and her unique spirit. “There is so much more to her than all of this,” she acknowledged, “and I love that as the years go by, I get to watch her personality continue to grow, even though I can feel it going by too fast.”

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Long story short? “I love her more than life,” she concluded. “I’m so proud to be her mom. Her birthday was yesterday and we were so busy celebrating with her that I didn’t have a chance to post a birthday pic. This one was my favorite. I love you, Harper Rose.”

Having happily watched Harper’s life from the sidelines, we want to take a moment to extend our warmest birthday wishes to her. In fact, we’ll even break the diet that we’ve been meaning to start to eat a bit of birthday cake in her honor. Feel free to send her a bit of birthday love in the comments section below, then flip through the photo gallery below filled with pics of soap stars from around the dial and their offspring!