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“Rage is something I do pretty well.” 

Ryan Paevey loves working in “Hallmark land” and has found great success on the network in his post-General Hospital life. He appreciates that the channel’s movies allow him to hone several of his skills, but he revealed to Soaps.com that there’s one they haven’t yet called upon him to break out.

Calling himself a “five-trick pony” as an actor, he shared with us some of his strengths. “I do the stoic thing pretty well. Nice guy/boyfriend is something that we definitely fall on,” he explained. “The Colgate — ding! —moment [He smiles] is something that has come in handy in Hallmark land. There’s also certain physicality tricks that you learn when you’re on a set [on how to set up a perfect camera angle].” Those are all great qualities to have on-screen, so which of his many qualities are they not taking full advantage of? His smoldering intensity.

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“I have been told on a number of occasions that I am rather intense, so rage is something that I do pretty well. Although that is something that I don’t get called upon to use in Hallmark land,” the A Little Daytime Drama star said. “You know, I have always been a physical force. I don’t know if I’ve been able to use it thus far in my acting, those jobs are tricky, but I’m working on it.”

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Above:As nice-guy Nathan, Paevey didn’t get much of a chance to play big, angry emotions.

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While rage probably isn’t what the feel-good Hallmark channel is looking for, but Paevey did share why we are all so addicted to the movies the network delivers.

“There are plenty of outlets you can go to, to watch cars blow up and gunfights and martial arts,” he noted. “Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff, but there’s gotta be one place you can go [to escape it].” That’s where Hallmark comes in, because fans “have a place to go where things are happy” and it’s nice to have a respite with “so much going on in the world.” Paevey calls Hallmark, the channel where you can to to “energetically exhale.” And who doesn’t need that on occasion?

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