luke not really dead gh mashup
Credit: ABC screenshot (2), ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection

Nope. We’re not buying that the soap would kill a character as iconic as Luke Spencer off screen.

Even as General Hospital had Tracy revealing in the January 4 episode that there had been a cable-car crash in Austria, that Luke’s personal effects had been found, that his remains had been identified by the authorities, we were shaking our heads and going, “Nah.”

For one thing, there are as many “dead” characters walking around Port Charles as there are characters who haven’t been presumed doomed. Heck, even Luke was once thought to be a goner; remember the avalanche that thrust Robert and Holly into their green-card marriage?

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For another thing, this is Luke that we’re talking about. Short of Laura, is there a more iconic character in the show’s history? No way would General Hospital bring his story to its ultimate conclusion without him being a part of it, not if it could help it — and it probably could help it!

When the soap celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2018, eight-time Emmy winner Anthony Geary told Soaps In Depth that despite retiring three years prior, he might revisit his old stomping grounds someday. “I don’t rule anything out.”

He even added, tantalizingly, “Whatever makes the people happy.”

What do you think? Is General Hospital just toying with us, trying to make us think that Luke is really, most sincerely dead when what it’s really doing is setting up a little surprise visit from Geary? On your way to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery of the soap’s greatest characters of all time, ranked.