Credit: ABC

A silent partner in a comical conversation.

We can always count on General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) to bring the funny when it comes to his posts about his beloved goat Buddy, as well as other pets, and this time he has set the stage for a new introduction — Bucky the bird! In a recent Instagram video, the ABC soap star appeared with his cute little guest, who he made clear, “Is not my bird” then went on to insist that “Bucky loves me and that’s all that really matters.”

With Bucky perched upon his shoulder, Benard explained that he wanted to talk about mental health with the bird but as viewers will see “he’s cool as a cumberer, very, very peaceful, nothing bothers this bird.” Due to his calm demeanor, Benard observed that Bucky doesn’t have anxiety, depression or “for sure bipolar” then asked if there was anything he wanted to say the his followers.

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With a little more coaxing from Benard, who asked, “Do you want to add to anything I just said?” Bucky turned toward the daytime vet, looked at his mouth then began gently pecking his beard. Hmm, I guess we can take that as a no? Totally adorable!

Prior to his “Bucky bonding,” Benard spent some time relaxing with — and propped up against — his pal Buddy, while wearing a shirt that read “Ask me about my goat” and shared that Buddy “is extremely jealous of the grandchildren.”

And we are jealous that Benard gets to play with such cute friends!

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