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If you’re looking for a diss-and-tell, look elsewhere.

If you think you had a tricky time adjusting to a new Nikolas on General Hospital, you ain’t got nothing on the actor who is the new Nikolas on General Hospital. Marcus Coloma knew when he stepped into the role in 2019 that he had big shoes to fill.

In fact, he said as much during a recent edition of co-star Maurice Benard’s State of Mind vlog. Tyler Christopher, who played the part off and on from 1996 to 2016 is “absolutely incredible,” he exclaimed.

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Were Coloma to have his druthers, the original Nikolas and the current one would somehow get to share the stage. “I would love if somehow we could all work together,” he told Sonny’s portrayer, “because I thought he’s incredible.”

It’s been a challenge for Coloma to get comfortable in Nikolas’ skin, he added. Not because he didn’t have a feel for the Cassadine clan’s brooding prince, though — because Daytime Emmy winner Christopher was so freaking good. “That’s been a struggle for myself,” Coloma acknowledged, “because it’s one thing if you’re replacing somebody that you think you’re better than, but honestly, I think he’s great.”

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So do we. They both are. What are your thoughts? Drop them in a comment below, and while you’re here, watch Coloma’s whole sit-down with Benard above and be sure to check out our photo gallery that lines up and counts down daytime’s most-recast roles. You can bet Spoon Island that dear Nikolas is among the included characters.