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The actor thanked fans for all their support.

Kin Shriner’s irascible lawyer Scotty has, without a doubt, had an incredible run on General Hospital recently. He and a troublemaking Obrecht have somehow become the pairing we never knew we needed, and his work on Nina’s trial has reminded us all that he’s far more than just a comedic foil.

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Scotty is and always will be a formidable lawyer who knows how to get what he wants in the courtroom. And what he’s wanted for a long, long time is to knock Sonny down a few pegs — something that finally came true when he got Willow to expose the don’s affair with Nina to the whole world while on the stand!

Of course, Scotty then got knocked down himself when Michael hauled off and punched him, but you make your choices and take your lumps. Shriner’s clearly been having a blast, retweeting fans on social media who’ve been cheering him on. Now, though, as the year comes to a close, Shriner took to Twitter for another reason — to say a farewell.

“Thanks, General Hospital fans, for all the encouraging mentions,” he wrote. “Scotty’s run is done, so heading to Florida to ride my Vespa around the tropics!”

And the fans who’ve been tweeting, mentioning and egging Shriner and his alter ego on were absolutely devastated.

“Hope you, Kin Shriner are not leaving GH,” Bonnie Looi wrote. “Will miss you.”

“What do you mean ‘Scotty’s run is done?'” Rolyn had to know. “They have a fantastic pairing with Scott and Liesl.” And this was one fan who was not intimidated by the Corinthos clan, adding that they better not be scaring Scotty off or it’s “petition time.”

A number of fans took the news to offer up touching tributes, recalling how much Shriner’s General Hospital work has meant to them over the decades.

“Kin,” Janieb tweeted, “through the years, you have brought joy to many with your impeccable comedic timing and incredibly heartfelt acting as Scotty, the curmudgeon with the heart of gold.”

Honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And we know that if Shriner decides to spread his wings elsewhere, the fans will follow him wherever he goes. With that said, for now it’s safe to watch him spread his wings in Port Charles.

Some fans hit the nail on the head, as ThibTalk wrote, “This better mean his courtroom run for now!”

To which Cheryl Melton added, “Exactly, I need a week of Scott Baldwin monthly!”

And though Shriner didn’t chime back in (as of this writing), that’s what he means. General Hospital has not announced that they’ve let the actor go, or that Scotty will be exiting. But the year is over, this latest stretch of storyline is done and it’s time for him to take a break back home in Florida — Vespa, warm weather and all!

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So rest easy, friends. This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Shriner or Scotty. But we’re pretty sure the outpouring of love did more to warm the actor’s heart than even a winter in Florida could manage!

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