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Credit: ABC

We could all learn a thing or two from Carly’s portrayer.

Things are looking pretty dire for Sonny and Carly now that the news of the don’s amnesiac affair with Nina has gotten out on General Hospital. That’s bad news for CarSon fans, but great news for Laura Wright! The actress has been absolutely killing it as a heartbroken and fed-up Carly, and the fans have taken notice on social media — and taken sides!

Right off the bat, things on Twitter started getting rough… for Sonny.

“OMG he admitted to loving Nina!” Tina tweeted. “Take yourself and Nina to one of your safe houses where Carly can’t find you. Because this isn’t going to be pretty.”

Wright could neither confirm nor deny how ugly things might be getting, but she did retweet the sentiment with what we like to think of as a knowing laugh!

From there, the fans went on to commend Wright for her performance… and chime in with how much of a toll all of Carly’s emotions must take on her!

“Laura, you cry every episode,” Ardemia wrote. “You must go home so dehydrated. Bravo performances.”

Wright couldn’t help but agree. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But a nice relaxing bath, a glass of wine and she’ll be right as rain and rehydrated again, ready to head back and start the crying in Port Charles all over again! Or… maybe not.

When one fan tweeted a clip of an upset Carly with tears running down her face, the actress retweeted it but added, “Clearly I didn’t care what I looked like.”

What she looks like to us is Emmy material, but hey, what do we know?

And finally, as the dust settled on our televisions (at least until Carly really kicks her anger into high gear), viewers started looking to the future and seeing what important life lessons they could take away from this latest roadblock in the CarSon saga.

“I am just going to spend the rest of my evening practicing Laura Wright’s many stares until I get them all right,” Brian Lipton tweeted. “I think they will come in very useful in 2022.”

Well, we’re officially in 2022, so clearly it’s time to start working on those stares. So if you want to take a look at just a few moments of the performance that’s been wowing viewers, here’s a little clip of Carly letting Sonny have it. It’s calm, it’s heartbreaking, and the seething anger bubbling just under the surface really makes those stares hit in all the right ways.

And before you head out, it might be worth checking out some photos we put together of Carly’s life. Because when you’re married to the mob as long as she’s been, you need to have your stares locked and ready to go at a moment’s notice.